CNN (4/18, Lamotte) reports that some people are touting the benefits of apple cider vinegar for a variety of conditions, including diabetes, weight loss, dental care, and more. CNN spoke with several people, including ADA Spokesperson Dr. Alice Boghosian, to determine what science says about the most common purposes for which people are using apple cider vinegar. In response to claims apple cider vinegar used as a mouth rinse or rubbed on teeth can clean and whiten teeth, Dr. Boghosian said that is “the last thing you’d want to do to promote oral health” due to the acidic nature of apple cider vinegar. “What would be a healthier option is to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, with a whitening toothpaste with the ADA seal,” said Dr. Boghosian. “That shows it’s been tested to do what it’s supposed to do.” Dr. Boghosian adds, “Anything acidic which contacts your teeth will wear out the enamel, the protective coating, and that will cause cavities.”