Keeping Your Teeth Young!


Proper Oral Hygiene, A Healthy Diet Help Keep Teeth Looking Young.

Women’s Health (3/16) discusses how food and beverages such as bacon, wine, and coffee may impact the appearance of skin and teeth and in turn contribute to people looking older than they are. “Teeth naturally get yellow as we get older,” said ADA spokesperson Dr. Kim Harms. “Part is aging, but part is what you eat.” The article features advice from Dr. Harms, who notes that coffee, for example, can contribute to dental staining. The article states that experts say the bottom line is moderation. “As long as you’re eating a well-balanced diet, there’s nothing that’s terrible for your teeth,” says Dr. Harms. “If you follow the time-tested method of brushing twice a day with fluoridated toothpaste, flossing, and seeing your dentist twice per year, you can have young-looking teeth no matter old you are.”