Oral Health & Your Overall Health

New York Post: Oral Health Issues May Indicate “Serious Health” Problems


The New York Post (12/6, Shea) reports that oral health issues can indicate “serious health issues,” ranging from “digestive troubles to diabetes.” The article discusses what health conditions may be revealed by problems with gums, teeth, saliva, lips, and breath. For example, xerostomia may be an indicator of Sjögren’s syndrome, while red and bleeding gums may be a sign of gum disease or diabetes. In another example, the article reports that halitosis may result from poor oral hygiene practices but could also be a sign of acid reflux.

TIME (12/6) carries a Health.com article that also discusses the association between poor oral health and other health conditions, stating “research suggests that the condition of your gums is connected to a variety of health issues,” such as heart disease. The article stresses the importance of cleaning between teeth every day to remove debris and help prevent plaque buildup.   The Oral Health Topics on ADA.org and MouthHealthy.org provide additional information on xerostomia for dental professionals and for patients. MouthHealthy.org also provides information for patients on gum disease, diabetes and oral health, halitosis, heart disease and oral health, and flossing, including the correct flossing technique